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Welcome to Association of perfumery, cosmetics, household chemicals and hygienic goods

Welcome to Association of perfumery, cosmetics, household chemicals and hygienic goods manufacturer's website. Here you can find a short information about the Association.

The Association was founded in May 1997 and it unites today more than 35 leading domestic and multinational manufacturers of cosmetics, perfumery, household chemical goods and hygiene products. We are representing the perfumery, cosmetics and household chemicals industry in Russia. In order to satisfy the growing expectations of our members and consumers, we have a direct and on-going dialogue with key decision-makers and stakeholders in our country and in the globe. Since 2021 APCoHM leads the secretariats of Interstate Technical Committee for standardization №112 "Household chemicals" (the Committee is the body to develop GOST standards for detergents and homecare products in CIS countries), Russian Technical Committee for standardization №360 "Perfumery and cosmetic products". The Technical Committee №360 is also responsible for activity of Interstate Technical Committee for standardization №529 "Perfumery and cosmetic products" (ITK 529 is the body to develop appropriate GOST standards in CIS countries).

The Association was established with the purposes of:

  • coordinating member activities;
  • protection and representation of the interests of the Association members in dialogue with state authorities, public institutions and other third parties with regard to their activities;
  • creation of transparent and favorable conditions for production and sale of perfumery, cosmetics, household chemistry and hygiene products;

To achieve the main purposes the Association solves following tasks:

  • Providing legal, consulting and information support to members of the Association due to their professional activities;
  • collaboration with state authorities in the field of preparation, concordance and examination of draft regulations on perfumery, cosmetics, household chemicals and hygiene products; in preparation of proposals on tax and customs policy for submission to pertinent authorities;
  • proper mass-media coverage of the Association members activities and industry problems;
  • examination of current state of affairs and tendencies of market development and giving this information to the Association members;
  • research and development execution on major industry issues;
  • interaction with relevant national and foreign organizations and other stakeholders of the consumer market in the interests of Association members.

The Association acts on the basis of the following principles:

  • mutual trust and partnership in relations between its members and partners.
  • voluntary membership of the Association.
  • making decisions, achieved by mutual concession of all Association members.
  • publicity and openness of Association activities.
  • compliance with current Russian Federation legislation.
  • membership in the Association shall not limit Association members in their main and
  • any other activities.

Further information about our industry in Russia can be found on the website. We would be pleased to receive your feedback and comments on the site and its content.